Online Booking

Online Booking with Stellar

Online booking is by far the most important part of the Stellar platform. Stellar makes online booking easy for your operation.
By providing your operation with a suggestion based front-end, and a highly customizable back end that can offer revenue boosting
online booking services to your clients.

Looking to Make a Booking

When do you think your members are looking to make a booking? We think that most people are probably looking outside of business hours. When you have someone in the office ready to take reservations, your members are working, and when your customers are free and looking for a boat to reserve, you may be closed. Adding online booking allows your members to make bookings at any time of day. You essentially have a 24/7 reservationist.

Take reservations when your members want you to.

Outside working hours. Add 24/7 Booking with Stellar.

Reducing the friction

Reducing the friction caused by forcing someone to make a call will get your members on the water easier, faster, and more efficiently. Stellar will make running your operation easier and make your members happier.

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